Read so others can.

Publishing stories from around the world to improve education here--and there.

Empowering individuals

By publishing stories from around the world, we inspire individuals to stand up and share their voice. Through purchasing a book, you are not only funding education, but employing writers and illustrators--creating a better life.

Promoting culture + understanding

Our stories are written of the world, for the world. Each book provides a new perspective, idea, or culture to the reader. It harbors understanding of different parts of the world, and did we mention each book comes with supplementary resources.

Improving literacy + education

Each book raises funds to support one educational initiative in the country from which the story came. Building schools, providing scholarships, increasing access to local stories, and adult education--focusing on the community's need.

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Learn Twice

Three years ago, Trevor Burbank and Alyssa Van Camp were working toward the same solution from different angles. While studying International Development in Uganda, Trevor was struck by the dearth of Ugandan storybooks for children. Outside of their elders’ fireside-type tales, most of which have struggled to survive orally, all that’s available for Ugandan […]

Native's Giving Guide

Price: $14.99 Company: Teach Twice Where to find it: Parnassus Books and online at Description: Teach Twice shares stories from across the globe, and profits from the children’s books support education in the country from which the tales originated.

Uniting World Cultures Through Children's Literature

One book can bring two different worlds together. That’s what two Vanderbilt students believed when they founded Teach Twice, “a social venture that educates children and their communities through stories and the exchange of culture.” Founders Trevor Burbank and Jason Wen, both recent Vanderbilt grads, wanted to foster community development internationally in a way that wasn’t […]

Fox News Live Interview

Watch the full interview of CEO, Trevor Burbank, on Fox News Live

Vanderbilt VUcast

College Kids Start A Social Enterprise To Tell Stories For Good

Stories can be powerful. That’s one of the lessons learned at Teach Twice, a social enterprise that uses picture books to share stories generic daily cialis between cultures and foster educational opportunities for children around the globe.

Teach Twice shares stories with the world

Teach Twice’s title echoes its dual purposes: Provide parents with great this stories to read to children, and provide financial aid to schools and students in developing countries.