About Us


Teach Twice is a social venture that educates children and their communities through stories and the exchange of culture. In the Teach Twice model a single book—written by authors from a developing country—provides parents in the global marketplace stories to read to their children, and gives financial support to schools and students in the country from which the book came. Each book will contain an illustrated children’s story featuring a specific country. Authors and their communities will be empowered through expression and the profits from their work, while readers will learn about different cultures. One Teach Twice book enhances the education of two children and two communities that are worlds apart, yet connected through a shared commitment to education, and a desire to learn from books and from each other.


Our Story

Founder & CEO Trevor Burbank, along with friend Jason Wen, were looking for a way to improve education around the world, while empowering those they served. One day a great idea hit Jason: what does everyone have regardless of where you live, what you have, or who you are? A unique story. From that moment on an idea began to sculpt into a social enterprise. A team was built, a plan was set in place and stories began to come in.

Incorporated in June of 2011, Teach Twice has seen a lot of progress in a short time. Teach Twice published its first book, My Precious Name, a story from Uganda which is funding the construction of a secondary school there. Its next book, Tall Enough, hails from South Africa. The innovative concept and work of Teach Twice has been covered in such publications as GOOD Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, and Fast Company’s Co.Exist.

What is the next chapter of Teach Twice’s own story? It begins with you. Join us by supporting through our social media and purchasing our books for yourself and a friend. We together have the power to improve education all around the world.

One Teach Twice book enhances the education of two children and two communities that are worlds apart”

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