Our Team

Alyssa Van Camp

Chief Executive Officer

Experienced teacher who lived in both South Africa and Uganda, Alyssa came back to the states to get a Masters in International Education & Policy at Vanderbilt University. Now leading the Teach Twice charge, she enjoys hiking around the Nashville area and sitting down with a good book–complemented by a good cup of coffee.

Tongayi Masvikwa

Southern Africa Director

Tongayi is passionate about Africa and the pivotal role education must play in shaping its future. As Southern Africa Director, he locates authors, leads impact initiatives, and raises funds to support publishing and distribution in the region. His current focus is to build relationships with NGOs and schools. As a lawyer, he also serves as legal counsel.

Paul Kabanda

East Africa Director

Born and raised in Uganda, Paul began as a supporter of Teach Twice and soon joined the efforts in trying to produce our very first book, My Precious Name. Since then, Paul has played an important role in moving the organization forward, working on the ground to help start our school in Nakikungube, and to seek out further stories.

Ellen Banda-Aaku

Author, Zambia

Ellen is an award-winning writer from Zambia. Ellen has been awarded the Macmillan Writer’s Prize for Africa and Penguin Prize for African.  In 2012, Banda-Aaku was awarded the Zambia Arts Council Chairpersons Ngoma award for her outstanding achievements in literature. Ellen shared about her path toward writing saying, “I started writing fairly late in my life and I think it’s because when growing up in Zambia, I didn’t come across Zambian writers so it never occurred to me that I could become a writer. However, when I did start to write, I couldn’t stop. I am at my happiest when I am writing.” Ellen has conducted creative writing workshops in Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.

Eva Barongo

Author, Uganda

Eva Barongo was born in the Western Region of Uganda, close to Lake Albert. Initially trained as a teacher at Field College in Manchester, England, Eva taught for one year at Chorton Primary School in Manchester. After teaching, Eva went onto pursue a Diploma in Library Science at Bayero University, in Kano, Nigeria. She later became a Librarian at the University. In 1986, Eva returned home to Uganda to work with the Public Libraries Board. In this position, she was in charge of the Children’s Library, in Kampala, Uganda. While working as a Children’s Librarian, Eva discovered the great need children in Uganda have for Ugandan children’s literature. She persuaded teachers, librarians, and parents throughout Uganda to form an association of children’s writers who could create children’s literature that was relevant to the children in Uganda. Currently, Eva is the chairperson of the Uganda Children’s Writers and Illustrators Association. She loves writing for children and working with children, especially on their literacy skills.

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