Teach One

Every child deserves an education, and a friend

Teach One is a community model that incorporates the values and mindset of improving global education, but with the focus and service geared toward the community in which the students currently reside. At Teach Twice we hope to advance education not only in developing countries, but also in the communities that surround us. Through one-on-one tutoring and mentoring at after school programs we will plant the seeds for changing the world.

  • While the name is meant to be consistent with the umbrella organization, Teach Twice, the name comes from an African proverb, “each one, teach one”. This phrase is a core to the Teach Twice mission. To us it means that if we are blessed enough to receive an education, we believe it is our responsibility to pass it on to one more. Through tutoring and mentoring just one more individual we are spreading education and creating a brighter future for you, for them, and the world.
  • While there are many volunteer opportunities out there, we are committed to creating an avenue for you to commit to that has a serious impact in an individual and the future that awaits them.

    After being accepted, we work hard to partner you with a student for the semester from Glencliff High School. Over the semester the two of you will work on building a relationship, as well as, outlining and conquering a plan for success-both in and outside of the classroom.

  • Once accepted and partnered into the program, we expect all volunteers to serve weekly for a couple of hours mentoring and tutoring their student. While we only ask for a semester, we believe over that time you will see real success in the investment you made in your student and that you will want to stick around!
  • We are so glad you asked. In order to improve the educational issues that exist in our own communities we need your help in creating chapters in your neighborhood. Interested? Great! Contact us in info@teachtwice.org with subject Teach One and explain why you would like to build a chapter near you and let’s get started!
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